CAN Monitor goes Mac OS X

Download: CAN Monitor for macOS


This is a port of the CAN Monitor program can_moni from Linux to Mac. It is running with a PCAN-USB device or PCAN-USB FD device on OS X Mountain Lion and hopefully on later versions of the world´s mostest advanced OS.


Usage: can_moni <interface> [<option>...]
  -m, --mode=(2.0|FDF[+BSR])  CAN operation mode: CAN 2.0 or CAN FD format
      --listen-only           monitor mode (transmitter is off)
  -b, --baudrate=<baudrate>   CAN 2.0 bit timing in kbps (default=250)
      --bitrate=<bit-rate>    CAN FD bit rate (as a string)
  -v, --verbose               show detailed bit rate settings
  -t, --time=(ABS|REL|ZERO)   absolute or relative time (default=0)
  -i  --id=(HEX|DEC|OCT)      display mode of CAN-IDs (default=HEX)
  -d, --data=(HEX|DEC|OCT)    display mode of data bytes (default=HEX)
  -a, --ascii=(ON|OFF)        display data bytes in ASCII (default=ON)
  -x, --exclude=[~]<id-list>  exclude CAN-IDs: <id>[-<id>]{,<id>[-<id>]}
  -L, --list-boards           list all supported CAN interfaces and exit
  -T, --test boards           list all available CAN interfaces and exit
  -h, --help                  display this help screen and exit
      --version               show version information and exit
CAN 2.0 baud rate index (default=3):
   0 = 1000 kbps
   1 = 800 kbps
   2 = 500 kbps
   3 = 250 kbps
   4 = 125 kbps
   5 = 100 kbps
   6 = 50 kbps
   7 = 20 kbps
   8 = 10 kbps
CAN FD bit rate as comma-separeted <key>=<value>-list:
   f_clock=<value>      frequency in Hz or
   f_clock_mhz=<value>  frequency in MHz
   nom_brp=<value>      bit-rate prescaler (nominal)
   nom_tseg1=<value>    time segment 1 (nominal)
   nom_tseg2=<value>    time segment 2 (nominal)
   nom_sjw=<value>      sync. jump width (nominal)
   nom_sam=<value>      sampling (only SJA1000)
   data_brp=<value>     bit-rate prescaler (FD data)
   data_tseg1=<value>   time segment 1 (FD data)
   data_tseg2=<value>   time segment 2 (FD data)
   data_sjw=<value>     sync. jump width (FD data)
   125kbps:1000kbps     f_clock_mhz=80,nom_brp=2,nom_tseg1=255,nom_tseg2=64,nom_sjw=64,data_brp=2,data_tseg1=31,data_tseg2=8,data_sjw=8
   250kbps:2000kbps     f_clock_mhz=80,nom_brp=2,nom_tseg1=127,nom_tseg2=32,nom_sjw=32,data_brp=2,data_tseg1=15,data_tseg2=4,data_sjw=4
   500kbps:4000kbps     f_clock_mhz=80,nom_brp=2,nom_tseg1=63,nom_tseg2=16,nom_sjw=16,data_brp=2,data_tseg1=7,data_tseg2=2,data_sjw=2
   1000kbps:8000kbps    f_clock_mhz=80,nom_brp=2,nom_tseg1=31,nom_tseg2=8,nom_sjw=8,data_brp=2,data_tseg1=3,data_tseg2=1,data_sjw=1
   2000kbps:10000kbps   f_clock_mhz=80,nom_brp=1,nom_tseg1=31,nom_tseg2=8,nom_sjw=1,data_brp=2,data_tseg1=2,data_tseg2=1,data_sjw=1


Program can_moni (CAN Monitor for macOS)
Current Version Version 0.5 SR4 Build 1153 of February 5, 2022
Documentation README and program option --help
License UVS Freeware License (without warranty or support)
Standards CAN Specification 2.0 and CAN FD Specification
Driver OS X Library for PCAN-USB Interfaces
Category Industrial Communication, CAN, CAN FD, MacCAN
Operating System OS X 10.8 (x86_64), since version 0.5 SR3 macOS 11.0 (x86_64 & arm64)
Older Versions

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