CANopen Object Browser for Linux

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The CANopen Object Browser is a tool to display and browse through a CANopen Object Dictionary based on EDS-files. The program allows an online access to any connected CANopen device. This means to read and to write individual parameter values of a connected device.

The CANopen Object Browser for Linux is a Qt3 GUI application running on Linux systems (Kernel 2.6.x) and uses BerliOS SocketCAN to access the CAN-Bus. Furthermore the program offers a gateway function for interfacing CANopen with TCP/IP.

CANopen Object Browser using SocketCAN on Linux

Please note: Do not connect the program to a real application with a running CANopen network. This can damage your application.


Program CANopen Object Browser (Linux)
Current Version Version 0.2 Build 61 (testing) of November 09, 2009
Documentation Getting started and Online-help (context-sensitive)
License UVS Freeware License (without warranty or support)
Standards CANopen Specifications: CiA DS-301, CiA DS-306, CiA DS-309
Drivers BerliOS SocketCAN, CANopen-over-TCP/IP
Category Industrial Communication, CANopen, CAN, TCP/IP
Operating System Linux 2.6.x
Older Versions

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