Hardware Oriented Software Development

Project: December 2010 – December 2011 (13 months)


Support of several development teams at the client’s site. My tasks included:

  • Development of hardware oriented software applications
  • Creation of hardware oriented drivers
  • Implementation of real-time operating systems on embedded platforms
  • Customization of BIOS and driver software
  • Project support from requirement engineering to validation

Work Batch 1: Analogue CAN Transmitter for Force Feedback Sidestick Control

The transmitter is used to transmit analogue and digital signals from a redundant sidestick control via the CAN bus. Through two physically connected sidesticks in the cockpit, the steering system, as well as the gas and brake systems, are controlled. From these systems, current angle data is transmitted back to the systems in the cockpit.

Task: Implementation of the transmitter software (CAN bus).

Work Batch 2: End-Of-Line Test Software for a Control Panel for Floor-borne Vehicles

The vehicles are optionally equipped with a Truck Data Unit (TDU). At the beginning of vehicle use, the driver identifies himself by means of an identification assigned to him (optionally via a keyboard with a PIN number or by means of a card reader with RFID identification) and thus indicates the use of the vehicle. When leaving the vehicle, the driver logs off.

Task: Implementation of the test software on the target for end-of-line testing of analog and digital I/O modules, memory devices (F-RAM, NAND-Flash, Data-Flash), LEDs, CAN-communication, matrix keyboard, wake-up function, card reader (RFID), Bluetooth module.

Work Batch 3: Compressed Download via CANopen

Control panel for blacktop paver with display and CAN interface. A CANopen bootloader handles software updates.

Task: Integration of the zlib inflate algorithm into existing boot loader.

Work Batch 4: SPI Bootloader for HVAC Front Panel

Front panel for climate control intended for a DIN radio slot. Control and display unit with integrated color display, illuminated buttons, and control dials. Communication with the main circuit board takes place via an SPI data bus system and controls all button and encoder inputs, as well as visualization of the display.

a.) Implementation of the bootloader (SPI slave).
b.) Implementation of test procedures.


Project Hardware Oriented Software Development
Duration December 2010 – December 2011 (13 months)
Customer confidential due to nondisclosure agreement
Industry Sector Automotive
Role / Responsibility System Specifications, Software Architecture, Software Design, Implementation, Function Tests, Documentation
Software / Tools / Methods Keil C166 C Compiler (uVision3), Keil ARM C Compiler (uVision4) , Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 , Enterprise Architect (Sparx) , PC-lint (MISRA-C 2004 rules) , Understand (SciTools) , CAN Analyser (IXXAT) , Doxygen, Python
Hardware Environment Infineon XC164CS Microcontroller, Infineon XC2368B Microcontroller, NXP LPC2478 (ARM7/TDMI-S core), Keil U-Link On-chip Debugger, CAN Interface Boards (IXXAT), SPI-to-USB Adapter (Elite)

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