Battery Management System

Project: June 2016 – March 2017 (10 months)


The customer was developing an auxiliary energy storage (lithium ion battery) for FMA support (freewheel engine-off), start/stop operation and emergency support. My main tasks in the project were code reviews (based on checklists and coding rules), static code analysis (MISRA-C:2012 with QAC, Polyspace CodeProver, PC-lint), code quality measurements (HIS metrics with QAC and Polyspace BugFinder), justification of deviations, as well as issue analysis (problem reports on system level).


Project Battery Management System
Duration June 2016 – March 2017 (10 months)
Customer confidential due to nondisclosure agreement
Industry Sector Automotive
Role / Responsibility Concept Design, Software Design, Unit Tests (C1 Coverage), Code Reviews, Static Code Analysis, Issue Analysis
Software / Tools / Methods IBM Rational DOORS (IBM), STAGES Process Management (methodpark), Redmine Project Management (open source), Enterprise Architect (Sparx), QA-C/MISRA (PRQA), PC-lint (MISRA-C), Polyspace (MathWorks), Tessy (Hitex)
Hardware Environment Freescale MPC5606B (Bolero), ASIC Atic157 (proprietary)

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