Gateway Unit for Filter Fan Unit Systems

Project: September 2019 – October 2019 (2 months)


The fan controllers are networked via RS-485 bus in a hierarchical, multi-level topology. A specific 9-bit protocol (with one wake-up bit) is used. A gateway unit connects the system to the control system via an RS-232 interface. Some systems have been in operation for more than 20 years. Replacement devices for the gateway units are no longer available. The aim of the project was to re-implement the used serial protocols on an evaluation board with a current (ARM-based) microcontroller.


Project Gateway Unit for Filter Fan Unit Systems
Duration September 2019 – October 2019 (2 months)
Customer confidential due to nondisclosure agreement
Industry Sector Clean Room Technology
Role / Responsibility Software Design, Implementation, Function Tests, Documentation, Order Processing
Software / Tools / Methods Keil uVision 5 (ARM-MDK), Enterprise Architect (Sparx), Git (Distributed Version Control System)
Hardware Environment STM32F072 (ARM Cortex-M0), Rigol Oscilloscope, Multimeter

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