CAN User-space Drivers for macOS®

Project: December 2020 – June 2021 (7 months)


There are many companies offering multifarious CAN hardware and CAN software, but only a few of them provide a driver for macOS. In the absence of CAN drivers for macOS, I created several user-space drivers for USB-to-CAN interfaces as open-source projects. The main tasks were support of new hardware, implementation of missing features, realization of a unified API, stabilization and bug fixing. macOS user-space drivers for USB-to-CAN interfaces are available for

  • PCAN-USB Interfaces from PEAK-System
  • TouCAN USB Interfaces from Rusoku
  • CAN Leaf Interfaces from Kvaser


Project CAN User-space Drivers for macOS (Open-Source)
Duration December 2020 – June 2021 (7 months)
Customer Own development (
Industry Sector Industrial Communication / Field Bus
Role / Responsibility System Specifications, Software Architecture, Software Design, Implementation, Function Tests, Documentation, Social Media
Software / Tools / Methods Enterprise Architect (Sparx), Apple Xcode (clang, x86_64), GoogleTest Framework, Travis CI, Doxygen, GitHub
Hardware Environment PCAN-USB Adapter (PEAK), PCAN-USB FD Adapter (PEAK), PCAN-USB Pro FD Adapter (PEAK), CAN Leaf Light Adapter (Kvaser), CAN Leaf Pro Adapter (Kvaser), TouCAN USB Adapter (Rusoku)

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