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The CANopen Commanline Tool is a text-based program to request CANopen services from CANopen devices on the command line by entering commands at the program´s prompt or processing them from a batch file.

The syntax for these commands is taken from the CANopen specification CiA DS-309/3 (Interfacing CANopen with TCP/IP – ASCII Mapping). The program is build on the UVS CANopen Master library, which exists for several microcontrollers and even for some CAN interface boards from different vendors and for different operating systems. Here the CANopen Commandline Tool uses the BerliOS SocketCAN on Linux operating systems. It runs well with a PEAK PCAN-USB-Dongle on Debian Etch and on a MPC5200B evaluation board with an Embedded Linux. Furthermore the program offers a gateway function for interfacing CANopen with TCP/IP.

The program allows reading and writing of individual parameter values of any connected CANopen device. Due to the fact, that the UVS CANopen Master library is not a complete CANopen stack, some limitations must be taken into account. But the missing CANopen services can be build up manually from the CAN layer 2 commands of the program.


Usage: can_open <interface> [<option>...]
 -g, --gateway=<port>  operate in gateway mode on <port>
 -i, --id=<node-id>    node-id of CANopen Master (default=-1)
     --net=<network>   set default network number (default=1)
     --node=<node-id>  set default node-id (default=1)
     --echo            echo input stream to output stream
     --prompt          prefix input stream with a prompt
     --syntax          show input syntax and exit
 -h, --help            display this help and exit
     --version         show version information and exit
 1. Local mode:     can_open <socket-can> --prompt
 2.1 Gateway mode:  can_open <socket-can> --gateway <port> --echo
 2.2 Remote mode:   can_open <ip-addr>:<port> --prompt
In local mode and in remote mode press ^D to leave the interactive input.
In gateway mode press ^C to close the port and exiting the program.


Program CANopen Commanline Tool (Linux)
Current Version Version 0.2.34 of February 25, 2009
Documentation README, Syntaxbeschreibung and program options --help and --syntax
License UVS Freeware License (without warranty or support)
Standards CANopen Specifications: CiA DS-301, CiA DS-309. IEEE 802.3, RFC 2045
Drivers BerliOS SocketCAN, PEAK Linux driver
Category Industrial Communication, CANopen, SocketCAN, TCP/IP
Operating System Linux (2.6.x)
Older Versions

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