CANopen-over-TCP/IP Client

Download: CANopen-over-TCP/IP Client for Windows


This little program is for accessing a CANopen-over-TCP/IP gateway (e.g. the UVS CANopen Commandline Tool in gateway mode) from a Windows console.

With this text-based program you can access any CANopen device connected to a CANopen-over-TCP/IP gateway over ethernet by entering commands for CANopen services at the program´s prompt or processing them from a batch file. The syntax is taken from the CANopen specification CiA DS-309/3 (Interfacing CANopen with TCP/IP – ASCII Mapping) and is described here.


copnet <address>:<port> [/PROMPT | /P] [/ECHO | /E]
copnet (/HELP  | /?)
copnet (/ABOUT | /µ)
 /P, /PROMPT  prefix input stream with a prompt
 /E, /ECHO    echo input stream to output stream
 /?, /HELP    display this help and exit
 /µ, /ABOUT   show version information and exit


Program CANopen-over-TCP/IP Client (Windows)
Current Version Version 0.1.1 of January 26, 2009
Documentation README, Syntaxbeschreibung and program option /HELP
License UVS Freeware License (without warranty or support)
Standards IEEE 802.3, RFC 2045
Driver Winsock
Category Industrial Communication, CANopen, TCP/IP
Operating System Windows 2K/XP

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