MacCAN – macOS Library for PCAN-USB Interfaces and more

Project: June 2012 – now (ongoing)


The PCBUSB library realizes a ‚PCAN-USB Driver for macOS‘ using Apple´s IOUSBKit. It supports up to 8 PCAN-USB and PCAN-USB FD devices from PEAK-System Technik, Darmstadt. The library offers an easy to use API to read received CAN messages from a 64K message queue and to transmit CAN messages. The PCAN-USB FD device can be operated in CAN Classic and CAN FD mode. Standard CAN frames (11-bit identifier) as well as extended CAN frames (29-bit identifier) are supported.
The library comes with an Objective-C wrapper and a demo application: MacCAN Monitor App.


Project MacCAN – macOS Library for PCAN-USB Interfaces and more
Duration June 2012 – now (ongoing)
Customer Own development (
Industry Sector Industrial Communication / Field Bus
Role / Responsibility System Specifications, Software Architecture, Software Design, Implementation, Function Tests, Documentation
Software / Tools / Methods Enterprise Architect (Sparx), Apple LLVM (clang, x86_64), CUnit Test Framework, Doxygen, JIRA
Hardware Environment PCAN-USB Adapter (PEAK), PCAN-USB FD Adapter (PEAK)

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