CAN Monitor App for macOS

Download: MacCAN Monitor App


The MacCAN Monitor App is a little demo program to show the functionally of the PCBUSB library – OS X Library for PCAN-USB Interfaces.

The program displays received CAN messages in a table view; its size is limited to 1024 rows. Furthermore it is possible to send single standard CAN messages with 0 to 8 data bytes. Only PCAN-USB devices from PEAK-System Technik GmbH are supported; and only the first channel of a device. The PCAN-USB interface number is taken from the IO registry. USB interface and CAN baud rate must be chosen once the program is started; they cannot be changed afterwards.

CAN Monitor App for OS X

Please note: Do not connect your PCAN USB device to a real CAN network when using this program. This can damage your application.


Program MacCAN Monitor App
Current Version Version 0.3 of July 2, 2020
Documentation Readme file and a screen video
License GNU General Public License v3.0
Standard CAN Specification 2.0
Driver macOS Library for PCAN-USB Interfaces
Category Industrial Communication, CAN, MacCAN
Operating System macOS High Sierra (10.13, x86_64)
Source Code PCBUSB-Monitor repo on GitHub

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